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Pumps used for the generation and control of pressure.

Our rental fleet pump stocks three different options: Hand pumps, Hydrostatic Air Driven pumps and Gas Air Driven Booster pumps.

The Metnor hand pumps are simple to operate – no need for external power sources and supplied with large reservoirs. Pressures models available up to 10,000psi, 15,000psi and 25,000psi.

The Metnor hydrostatic pumps require an air supply minimum of 100psi to operate, which is controlled by an integral air regulator that can be infinitely varied to produce the output pressure and flow required. Both low and high volume models available with pressures from 3600psi up to 65,000psi.

The Metnor gas booster pumps operate exactly the same as the hydrostatic pumps above, with the main difference being the medium gas. Booster pumps are designed to boost bottled gases such as air, nitrogen or helium – up to higher pressures. Along with pressure testing they can be further used for pre-charging accumulators and down hole tools. Pressure models available from 5700psi up to 21,000psi.

All pumps are supplied ATEX approved.

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Hand Pump Data Sheet
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Air Operated Type One Hydraulic Pumps for Pressure Testing