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OPS Skids

Our over pressurisation skids are designed to be installed in-line during pumping/pressurisation operations to provide protection against accidental over-pressurisation of system.

Tied into the shut-down system of the diesel/electric driven pump, the OPS automatically senses any over-pressurisation of the system and shuts down the pump whilst safely venting excess pressure.

Depending on skid, there is one adjustable pressure switch on the OPS which can be set to relieve between 10psi and 20,000psi.

Three skid options: 10psi to 10,000psi, 75psi to 15,000psi and 10,000psi to 20,000psi

10K OPS Skid Data Sheet
10K OPS Operating Instructions
Basic OPS Operating Instructions
15K OPS Skid Operating Instructions
20K OPS Skid Operating Instructions